Our members are a great source of ideas, insights and recommendations to help you take your art to the next level. Below are member recommendations for art resources.  If you would like to share or recommend a resource, send an email to  pahrumpartswebsite@gmail.com.


Local Stores & Businesses

We recommend you check out:

  • Hidden Stitch Fabrics, a fabric store just opened by a new member ( Sep 2012) is located at 520 W Leslie.
  • The Quilted Dragon, a quilt/fabric stores offering fabric, kits, notions & supplies, books & patterns, giftsand classes, is located at 2890 Yucca Terrace Ave. (775-751-9033)
  • Pahrump Nugget & Casino (they have hosted our semi-annual choir concerts and the Quilt and Fiber Arts show for several years)


Art Resources



  • The Art Spirit by Robert Henri – A wonderful guide to finding what inspires you and helps you live life to the fullest by a beloved art teacher.


  • The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds – A great inspiring book for the artist in all of us about making a mark and seeing where it takes you. Perfect gift for a young artist or someone who wants to be more creative but feels stuck


Arts Organizations