We encourage members to be more involved and put their experience, ideas and skills to good use helping the arts thrive in Pahrump. This is a great way to get more involved in PAC and give back to your community.

Please contact us if you have questions or want to volunteer for a committee, PAC event or outreach program. Below is a brief overview of our committees.

Membership Committee

The goal of the Membership committee is to recruit new members to the Pahrump Arts Council, to acknowledge and thank members for their support, to distribute PAC membership cards, and to staff the information table available at PAC functions where brochures, applications, programs,  and other information can be found.

The Membership committee also sends letters of appreciation to donors for their monetary support, and to other members for their continuing time and effort on behalf of the PAC organization. The committee keeps an updated  membership list for PAC board members and committee coordinators. The committee also keeps a log of monthly volunteer hours and mileage, and may also assist other committees in data compilation.

The Membership committee welcomes members who are interested in helping:

  • Communicate with PAC members via personal contact (phone, email, mail)
  • Encourage member involvement in and volunteering for PAC events and activities
  • Plan outings, tours, lectures, demonstrations, and other member activities in coordination with other PAC committees
  • Staff the PAC office. We are currently open for the convenience of committees, members, and the public, 10:00 am-1:00 pm  Monday-Thursday

Fundraising Committee

This committee focuses on raising money to fund our on-going programs and special projects. If you have skills in fundraising or non-profit grant writing, please let us know.

Galleries Committee

The Galleries Committee, coordinated by Geneil White, manages several PAC sponsored community art galleries in the community. The committee sets the schedule, themes and selects artists among the membership to be highlighted. The committee assists with the installation and dismantling of exhibits. To be in contact with the committee, please call the PAC office at 775.751.6776 and leave a message to receive a call back from the coordinator.

For more information about PAC managed galleries and a current schedule, please see our Art Galleries page.

Publicity/Marketing Committee

Our Marketing Committee works to promote and publicize PAC events as well as our organization. If you have experience or skills in graphic design, photography or copywriting and would like to be a part of PAC marketing, please call the office at 775-751-6776 and leave us a message. We will get back to you shortly!