A group of volunteers in the Keeper of The Wheeler Well project listen to Dick Senior

A group of volunteers in the Keeper of The Wheeler Well project listen to Dick Senior

The Pahrump Arts Council is pleased to be a part of making the visual and performing arts thrive in our community.

Below are  some of the special programs and projects we have received funding for. Each allowed us to bring something special to our community and allow our members to use their artistic skills to enhance the arts here in Pahrump.

Traveling Art Shows

The Town of Pahrump Cultural Arts Fund along with PAC supported the Nevada Arts Council’s Nevada Touring Initiative, which is designed to support the work of artists and increase access to cultural events and experiences at the local level, particularly in small or rural communities. In the Winter of 2009, we presented  the Nevada Arts Council touring exhibit, “Out of Print,” at the Nye County Courthouse.

The Keeper of Wheeler Well

logo keeper of wheeler well - Pahrump Arts CouncilThe Keeper of Wheeler Well  project is a multi-faceted educational project highlighting the work of Pahrump resident Dick Senior, whose upkeep of a water tank for wildlife in the Spring Mountains has inspired an entire community.

logo mt charleston license plate programWith a grant awarded in the fall of 2008 through the Mt. Charleston License Plate Program and administered by the Nevada Division of State Lands, Pahrump Arts Council artists and writers formulated a plan to tell the story of Dick Senior, the Keeper of Wheeler Well. The story focuses on stewardship of the land, conservation of natural resources, and the importance of water in a desert environment, with a target audience of elementary school students in mind. Loretta Lindell coordinated the project.

Phase 1: In collaboration with local elementary teachers, Forest Service representatives, a rancher, a Southern Paiute, and other members of our community, the project began in November 2008 with a site visit to the Wheeler Well, located in the Spring Mountains east of Pahrump. Over the following two years, through numerous meetings, research, and project refinements, the results were published in late 2010. A 40-page book, “The Keeper of Wheeler Well,” was written and 13 “Keeper of Wheeler Well” teacher resource kits were presented to the Nye County School District in March 2011, along with 100 posters donated by renowned Nevada wildlife artist, Sharon K. Schafer.

Phase 2: Approved in March, 2012, the team is now hard at work on the new phase. Included will be a picture book telling the Keeper story with a coloring book and teaching materials geared toward the preschool-kindergarten age group. In addition, the classroom plant guide created for phase 1 will be expanded to cover the flora of the west side of the Spring Mountains with more technical information. We expect most of the project to be completed by late spring of 2013; however, an extension of the grant may be needed to cover all of the material needed for the plant guide.

Visit the Wheeler Well Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TheKeeperOfWheelerWell  created by Muriel Areno

Keeper of Wheeler Well books may be purchased for $12.00 at the Pahrump Arts Council office, 2340 E Calvada Blvd, Suite B, Monday and Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. to noon. Special pricing is available for bulk or nonprofit purchases. To order on the web, click the BUY NOW button below. Price is $15 + $2.75 shipping and handling. Please contact the office for bulk orders.


Plant guides with photographs and descriptions and curriculum guides appropriate for elementary students are $25 each.

For more information, call the PAC office, 775-751-6776.