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Board Meeting Minutes 

May 3, 2023




Shelley Allen


Sam Kirchner

Vice President




Annette Shaw



Oliver Jones  





Paul Wengert



Jodi Sorteberg



Nathaniel Hollis, Jr, 


Call to Order: 4:15 

Old Business: 

Happy Stitchers: 

Shelley visited Happy Stitchers on Monday. The group is really good! The group heads are both having some family health issues. She said they told her that they are thinking about making some blankets to give out to first responders to use when they need them for people that are being transported.  They also said they may do blankets for kids. Loretta says she has some changes to the group list that she will send us.

Sam Kirshner, a visitor, said she can make a flyer for Happy Stitchers for what they are planning to do.  She will also spread the word about PAC activities.

Visual Artists: 

Nothing New 

Galleries Committee:

Jodi said June will be Kids Corner at Living Free.  Shelley will send out flyer for that. Nathaniel Hollis said he may be able to get more kids involved. 

Pahrump Theater Company: 

Oliver said they read Paul's version of Nosferatu.

Oliver has asked for submissions for short sketches.  He would like to perform at Fall Festival. He would like to try and do 3 shows.  

Nathaniel said we need to do videos of the activities we do. He said he did one for “Curtain Call” and Oliver saw it. He would like to be involved in doing more. Shelley thought that was a good idea. 

Shelley has gotten a few calls for Youth Theater Camp and said Oliver will handle. Oliver needs a place to have the performances.  Shelley said Sanders Winery only  has one day which was 5/24.  Oliver needs to find a place and said he will be working on it.  Suggestions were made to check with Salvation Army, Bob Ruud and Pahrump Community Church.

Community Choir: 

Shelley said the Choir is good to go. Shelley is still passing out flyers. She said the past Director is coming and asking past members to come and share stories.

We still need to fill the Vice President, Treasurer (as Oliver would like to resign the position) and  Assistant Treasurer positions.

Financial Report: 

Jodi said she and Charyl Madeline pulled a report from Quickbooks and it looked like for 2022 we only had $2,300 in income.  Oliver did not think that figure was accurate and asked if that included income for Memberships. Jodi said she thought so. There was discussion of how much memberships cost. $50.00 single, $30.00 for Seniors, $100.00 for families, and $20.00 for students. Jodi was also concerned about a $300.00 card withdrawal that needed to be looked at.   She also mentioned that expenses needed to be itemized more clearly. and that she could not find Minutes where a $9,000.00 purchase was made for lighting.  Shelley said she will go through Admin and President chat history and also paper trail in Grants to see if she can find the approval for this purchase. Sam made the suggestion to start using Purchase Orders for all supply purchases.  This way the purchase can be itemized more clearly.

Shelley talked about the School District Space. She said that as a board we make the decision on whether to move or not.  Based on the income and expenses that we have , we have to do something.

During the meeting Oliver looked through Quickbooks and came up with $6,500..00 in income and one year of expenses was $19,642.56 (rent, power, internet/phone, website). 

The Nye Legal Aide had not yet gotten back to Shelley yet regarding when they would start the audit and budget so Shelley  asked Annette to call  Healy & Sons to see if they could do our audit and budget and  how much they would charge..  They agreed to a free meeting to determine what we need and base the cost on that.  

New Business: 

Shelley asked if everyone was ready for the 30th Anniversary Activities. Jodi said she needs volunteers for painting class. Shelley said we have a lot of volunteers stepping up to help. 

Shelley asked if we were having food trays for the classes and it was decided that we would have only concessions for the classes and the food trays for  the dance portion.  Jodi will bring a dessert tray and Shelley will bring fruit/veggie trays. 

Shelley said she talked with Sanders Winery again and he said that they are working on the inventory of how many prints they still have.  He said he will pass out flyers when we need him to.

Adjournment: 5: 30







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